Compagnie Daniel Fernändez

Polka Dot [in situ] | 2020


Expérimentation (S) hybride (S) dans l'espace public ou privé

La Compagnie Daniel Fernändez travaille actuellement à un laboratoire de permanence chorégraphique et propose plusieurs performances de danse intitulées POLKA DOT [ in situ ] et inspirées du motif récurrent du pois/point/rond (DOT), marque de fabrique de l'artiste japonaise Yayoi Kusama.

Dans cette recherche, Daniel Fernandez s'installe comme "social chorégraphique distancing assistant" du danseur Leonardo Jin Sumita ou de la danseuse Morgane Michel (alternance) en collaboration esquissée avec l'auteur Sadurní Vergés qui travaille sur les nouvelles dramaturgies des arts vivants.

Processus de création sur le contrôle des masses, la gestualité et l’oppression du corps, ces performances éminemment physiques et indiciblement langagières, mettent en jeu le corps à soi et le corps de l'autre dans la distanciation induite par l'expérience pandémique ; briser d'autres barrières dans un seul et même lieu / espace de représentation et espace de réception. Parce que l'expérience pandémique est éminemment corporelle, qu'elle commence à être perçue comme sans doute irréversible, elle interpelle le rapport à son corps à soi et au corps de l'autre et provoque une incidence sur la structure et le contenu des représentations individuelles sociales et collectives.


Création 2021/2022

Direction & Intention
Daniel Fernández

Danse (en alternance)
Leonardo Jin Sumita, Morgane Michel

Texte & Dramaturgie
Sadurní Vergés

Texte / Sadurní Vergés

You are alone in front of the crowd, what are you going to do? What do they expect from you?

Do you think you are ready to confront the 4-year-old girl who is watching you right now?

Wouldn’t you like to kiss the grandmother who stopped to see what’s going on?

How is sex with grandmothers? Do you get sexually aroused thinking about for how many years this grandmother has NOT had sex?

Why is summer so hot? How is heat affecting your body right now?

Wouldn’t you like to drink a glass of cold water? But you don’t have any water. People ARE your water. Drink them. Get rid of the heat by drinking people.

There are much more comfortable surfaces to walk on than this one. However, this is the surface where you stand. Your life depends on this surface. But you hate it.

And what about the sky? It would be so nice to fly like a bird! Now rise up and get away from this city, float away from this city, up to the sky, and go to the woods, and in the woods build yourself a cabin, and live there alone in the middle of the woods, away from everything and everybody.

Get away from the 4-year-old girl who is watching you. Get away from the grandmother who hasn’t had sex for years.

Are you tired?

This has just started.

You’ve been shot, you are wounded, a bullet has penetrated your body. But pain doesn’t exist, pain is an invention of your mind. This is what you think while you are bleeding. A large amount of blood is spilling down your body.

There no place for exhaustion. There no place for exhaustion. There no place for exhaustion. There no place for exhaustion. There no place for exhaustion. There no place for exhaustion. There no place for exhaustion.

I’ll sleep when I die.

Dance, otherwise you’ll die. Don’t stop, otherwhise you’ll die. Stillness is death. Movement is life.

Somebody is taking photos and you know you’ll look good on them.

Right now you are live on someone’s Instagram Stories.

This is your last dance on this street. You’ll dance on other occasions and on other streets, but ‘here’ and ‘now’ this is a unique moment. Live this moment with full intensity.

The 4-year-old girl is gone. Do you miss her?

The 3rd World War has just started and your mission is to communicate the news to everyone. Only you know this privileged information.

Now you have to communicate people that your orders are to execute them all. What are you going to do? Will you obey orders or will you be desobedient?

Do you love humanity or do you hate it?

Love everybody with as much hatred as possible. Hate everybody with as much loveliness as possible.

Run. Run. Run. Stop. Fall to the ground. Get up. Fall to the ground. Get up. Fall to the ground. Get up. Fall to the ground. Fall to the ground, dead. D. E. A. D.

The grandmother who hasn’t had sex for years will dream of you tonight.