Compagnie Daniel Fernändez

Mud | 2014

The sensitivity of the body, how all external factors affect our bodies, how sensitivy these is, and how fast it absorbs through the senses. The skin is very important in this work, since the skin is circumscribing the body, limits itself, establishing the border between inside and outside. How our personal rhythm affects our body? In the duet we perceive physical differences and focus on small details of and how it evolves. The idea come from the physical differences between humans beings, the physical, the body, the attitudes and behaviours of humans beings: embodiment, change, multiplicity, birth and death.

We are a very complex web of relations and ties, woven by our genes and our experiences. But part of this common architecture evolves to record and expand individual differences, our personal trajectory throughout with the world.


DIRECTION Daniel Fernández
CHOREOGRAPHY Daniel Fernández in collaboration with the dancers
DANCERS Mélanie Suchel and Adrien Martins
MUSIC Jesus Blood never failed me yet by Gavin Bryars
PRODUCTION Compagnie Daniel Fernändez in collaboration with the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona

Press núvol 17/11/2014 "Joves ballen passió" (in Catalan)