Compagnie Daniel Fernändez

Polka Dot [in situ] ポルカドット | 2020

Hybrid (S) experimentation (S) in the public or private space

POLKA DOT [in situ] is a solo performance for non-conventional spaces, although it can also be performed in a theatre. The dancer/performer will follow some previous marks, but within these marks he’ll be able to freely interact with the audience and improvise. POLKA DOT [in situ] deals with issues like freedom and control, improvisation and restriction, power and submission.

POLKA DOT [in situ] is based on a study of the dot/line/point and its possibilities both as a reference mark and a starting point for the liberation of the bodies.

POLKA DOT [in situ] is a piece on the control of the masses, movement and body oppression. Actions essentially physical and unspeakably linguistic that put the body into play with itself and with the others. It tears down the walls between representation space and reception space, as both spaces coexist.

A “social choregraphic distancing assistant”, or Master, takes control of the dancer, like a puppet, through instructions (instructions given to the dancer on headphones to internally connect him with his Master) to find out if he can control the masses using the body of an individual (the dancer). Instructions are based on automatic writing to liberate the dancer’s unconsciousness. The dancer’s personal battle is between remaining faithful to the Master’s instructions and previously marked lines and his necessity to maintain distances at the same time that he renders himself to a game of liberated irrationality.

Each performance of POLKA DOT [in situ] is unique because it is created specifically for each space and it reacts to the day’s audioence, and therefore the performance will be different each day.

The audicience will leave the show wondering wether it is the Master who controlled the dancer, or the dancer who actually controlled the Master by making him believe he was being controlled. It is a near-by experience, and experience to initiate an ontological refletion.


Creation 2021/2022

Direction & Intention
Daniel Fernández

Dance (alternately)
Leonardo Jin Sumita, Morgane Michel

Text and Dramaturgy
Sadurní Vergés